Library Provide Following Services:
     1. Bibliography of Books and Articles of Journals
     2. Publication
University Newsletter (DAKSHINAYAN-fortnightly)
Editor: Sh. B.J.Ankuya, Assistant Librarian
    3. Library services
                      Photocopying - Black and white copying
                            Library Reading Material
                                       A4-Size  0.50 Rs.
                                       A3-Size  1.50 Rs.
                                       Full Size 1.00 Rs.
                           Other Material
                                       A4-Size  1.00 Rs.
                                       A3-Size  2.00 Rs.
                                       Full Size 1.50 Rs.
                      Document Delivery Service
                      Inter Library Loan
                      Press Clipping
     4. Internet Services
                      Internet Lab.
                      WiFi -Wireless Internet
                      Library Catalogue
                      Web Member Status Check
     5. User Education
     6. Lending Services
                      Borrowing Information
                      Hold Request
     7. Television [Internet Lab. ]