Department of Gujarati

NO Name Of Journal
1  नया ज्ञानोदय
2  बहुवचन

  Department of Comparative Literature

NO Name Of Journal
1   Culture, Theory and Critique
2   समकालीन भारतीय साहित्य– साहित्य अकादेमी
3  શોધ દિશા
4  સાહિત્ય અમૃત

  Department of Public Administration

NO Name Of Journal
Dynamics of Public Administrations
2  Indian Journal of Industrial Relations .(I J I R)
3   Indian Journal of Politics
4  Indian Journal of Political Science
5  Political Economy Journal of India

  Department of Economics

NO Name Of Journal
1  Asian Economic Review
2  Bulletin of Political Economy
3  Finance India
4  Indian Journal of Agricultural Research
5  Indian Journal of Economics & Business
6  Journal of Indian School of Political Economy
7  Journal of Social and Economic Policy
8  RBI Bulletin
9  Southern Economist
10  The Global journal of Finance and Economics
11  Vishleshan

  Department of DRMISSS (HRD)

NO Name Of Journal
1  Advance in Developing Human Resource
2  Human Capital
3  Human Resource Development Review
4  Indian Factories and Labour Reports
5  Indian journal of Training and Development
6  International Journal of Cross Cultural Management
7  Journal Educational Planning and Administration(A-31)
8  Prabandhan: Indian Journal of management
9  Training and Development Journal

  Department of Mathematics

NO Name Of Journal
1  Advances In Theoretical and Applied Mathematics
2  Bulletin of Pure and Applied Mathematics
3  Far East Journal of Mathematics Sciences
4  International Journal of Fundamental & Numerical Mathematical Sci.
5  International Journal of mathematical Science
6  International Journal of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics
7  Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Society
8  Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Science
9  Proceeding of Indian Academy of Science (Mathematical Science)

  Department of Statistics

NO Name Of Journal
1  International Journal Statistics Science

  Department of Physic

NO Name Of Journal
1  Annual Mathematical Physics(An International Journal)
2  Bulletin of Pure and Applied Science(Section-D-Physics)
3  Current Science
4  Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics
5  International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics
6  Lab Experiment(Journal of Laboratory)
7  Pramana(The Journal of Physics)
8  Resonance

  Department of Aquatic Biology

NO Name Of Journal
1  Ecology Environment and Conservation
2  Fishing Chimes
3  Indian Journal of Marine Science.(I.J.M.S.)
4  Journal of Environmental Biology
5  Journal of Genetic
6  Nature Environment & Pollution Technology
7  Pollution Research


NO Name Of Journal
1  Civil Service Cronical
2  Competition Affairs
3  प्रतियोगिता दर्पन