1000 Worlds Best Books

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801   The Person and Work of The Holy Spirit   R. A. Torrey
802   The Phantom of the Opera   Gaston Leroux
803   The Phantom Treasure   Harriet Pyne Grove
804   The Philanderer   George Bernard Shaw
805   The Philippine Folk Tales   Mabel Cook Cole
806   The Philosophy of Teaching   Nathaniel Sands
807   The Pickwick Papers   Charles Dickens
808   The Picture of Dorian Gray   Oscar Wilde
809   The Pigeon   John Galsworthy
810   The Piggy Girl   Louisa May Alcott
811   The Pilgrim   John Bunyan
812   The Pleasures of Life   John Lubbock
813   The Plumed Serpant   D H Lawrence
814   The Poems of William Butler Yeats   William Butler Yeats
815   The Poetics   Aristotle
816   The Poison Belt   Arthur Conan Doyle
817   The Portrait of Mr. W. H   Oscar Wilde
818   The Possessed or The Devils   Fyodor Dostoevsky
819   The Post Office   Rabindranath Tagore
820   The Power of Mesmerism   Anonymous
821   The Practice and Science Of Drawing   Harold Speed
822   The Prince   Nicolo Machiavelli
823   The Prince and the Pauper   Mark Twain
824   The Problems of Philosophy   Bertrand Russell
825   The Professor   Charlotte Bronte
826   The Prussian officer and other stories   D H Lawrence
827   The Pursuit of God   A. W. Tozer
828   The Rainbow   D H Lawrence
829   The Ramayana   Valmiki
830   The Rape of Lucrece   William Shakespeare
831   The Red Badge of Courage   Stephen Crane
832   The red widow   William Le Queux
833   The Reign of Greed   Jose Rizal
834   The Republic   Plato
835   The Rescue   Joseph Conrad
836   The Return of Sherlock Holmes   Arthur Conan Doyle
837   The Return of the Native   Thomas Hardy
838   The Rime of the Ancient Mariner   Samuel Taylor Coleridge
839   The Rivals   Richard Brinsley Sheridan
840   The Romance of Lust   Anonymous
841   The Satyricon   Petronius Arbiter
842   The Sayings of Confucius   Confucius
843   The Scarlet   Pimpernel Orczy
844   The Scarlet Letter   Nathaniel Hawthorne
845   The Scarlet Pimpernel   Baroness Orczy
846   Peter Pan   James M Barrie
847   The Second Jungle Book   Rudyard Kipling
848   The Secret Adversary   Agatha Christie
849   The Secret Agent   Joseph Conrad
850   The Secret Garden   Frances Hodgson Burnett
851   The Secret Places of the Heart   H. G. Wells
852   The Seven Poor Travellers   Charles Dickens
853   The Sex Life of the Gods   Michael Knerr
854   The Sexual Life of the Child   Albert Moll
855   The Sexual Question   Auguste Forel
856   The Shades of Spring   D H Lowrence
857   The Shadow in the Rose Garden   D H Lowrence
858   The Shadow Line   Joseph Conrad
859   The Shadow Witch   Gertrude Crownfield
860   The Shadow World   Hamlin Garland
861   The Shape of Fear   Elia Wilkinson Peattie
862   The She Boss A western Story   Arthur Preston Hankins
863   The Shield   Maksim Gorky
864   The Shipwreck   Joseph Spillman
865   The Shunned House   Howard Phillips Lovecraft
866   The Sign of the Four   Arthur Conan Doyle
867   The Silent Rifleman   H W Herbert
868   The Skipping Shoes   Louisa May Alcott
869   The Social Cancer   Josť Rizal
870   The Song of the Lark   Willa Sibert Cather
871   The Sorrows of Young Werther   Johan Wolfgang von Goethe
872   The Soul of the Soldier   Thomas Tiplady
873   The Souls of Black Folk   W. E. B. Du Bois
874   The Spanish War   Julius Caesar
875   The Spectator   J Addison and R Steele
876   The stories by Oscar Wilde   Oscar Wilde
877   The Story of a Patriot   Upton Sinclair
878   The Story of Cole Younger   Himself by Younger
879   The Story of Eclipses   George F. Chambers
880   The Story of Electricity   John Munro


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