1000 Worlds Best Books

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701   The Gallic War   Julius Caesar
702   The Gambler   Fyodor Dostoevsky
703   The Gentlemen's book of Etiquette   Cecil B. Hartley
704   The Getting of Wisdom   Henry Handel Richardson
705   The Girl Next Door   Augusta Huiell Seaman
706   The God of His Fathers   Jack London
707   The Gods of Mars   Edgar Rice Burroughs
708   The Golden Age   Kenneth Grahame
709   The Great God Pan   Arther Machen
710   The Great Interrogation   Jack London
711   The Guide to Reading   Various
712   The Happy Prince and Other Tales   Oscar Wilde
713   The Heart of the Hills   John Fox
714   The Heathen   Jack London
715   The Hero   Somerset Maugham
716   The High School Failures   Francis P. Obrien
717   The History Of Roman Empire   Edward Gibbon
718   The History of England   Jane Austen
719   The History Of Herodotus   Herodotus
720   The Holly Tree   Charles Dickens
721   The Home and the World   Rabindranath Tagore
722   The Honest Money   Arthur Isaac Fonda
723   The Hound of the Baskervilles   Arthur Conan Doyle
724   The House of Mapuhi   Jack London
725   The House of Pride   Jack London
726   The Hunchback of Notre Dame   Victor Hugo
727   The Hungry Stones and Other Stories   Rabindranath Tagore
728   The Hunt for the Lost Soldier   Alice B. Emerson
729   The Hussy   Jack London
730   The Icebreaker   Maksim Gorky
731   The Idiot   Fyodor Dostoevsky
732   The Iliad   Homer
733   The Importance of Being Earnest   Oscar Wilde
734   The Innocence of Father Brown   G. K. Chesterton
735   The Innocents Abroad   Mark Twain
736   The Invisible Man   H. G. Wells
737   The Island of Doctor Moreau   H. G. Wells
738   The Island of Yellow Sands   E. C Brill
739   The Jew OF Malta   Christopher Marlowe
740   The Jewel of Seven Stars   Bram Stoker
741   The Jungle   Upton Sinclair
742   The Jungle Book   Rudyard Kipling
743   The Kama Sutra   Vatsayana
744   The King in Yellow   Robert W. Chambers
745   The King of Clubs and the Queen of Hearts   Louisa May Alcott
746   The King of the Dark Chamber   Rabindranath Tagore
747   The Knight of Malta   Washington Ivving
748   The Ladies' Book of Etiquette   Florence Hartley
749   The Ladies Book of Useful Information   Anonymous
750   The Ladies Delight   Anonymous
751   The Lair of the White Worm   Bram Stoker
752   The Land of The Blessed Virgin   Somerset Maugham
753   The Last of the Mohicans   James Fenimore Cooper
754   The Last Straw   William J. Smith
755   The Legend of Jubal   George Eliot
756   The Legend of Sleepy Hollow   Washingoton Irving
757   The Library   Andrew Lang
758   The Library of Mistary and Dictactive Stories   Various
759   The Life of the Bee   Maurice Maeterlinck
760   The Life of Timon of Athens   William Shakespeare
761   The Lifted Veil   George Eliot
762   The Little Dream   John Galsworthy
763   The Little Gypsy Girl   Miguel de Cervantes
764   The Lock and Key Library   Real Life
765   The Lodger   Marie Belloc Lowndes
766   The Longest Journey   E. M. Forster
767   The Lost Art of Reading   Gerald Stanley Lee
768   The Lost World   Arthur Conan Doyle
769   The Magician   Somerset Maugham
770   The Man   Bram Stoker
771   The Man in the Iron Mask   Alexandre Dumas
772   The Man Who Was Afraid   Maksim Gorky
773   The Man Who Was Thursday   G. K. Chesterton
774   The Man With the Black Feather   Gaston Leroux
775   The Man with Two Left Feet   P G Woodhouse
776   The Mankind in the Making   H G Wells
777   The Master Builder   Henrik Ibsen
778   The Measurement of Intelligence   Lewis Madison Terman
779   The Memoires of Casanova   Jacques Casanova
780   The Merchant of Venice   William Shakespeare
781   The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood   Howard Pyle
782   The Merry Wives of Windsor   William Shakespeare
783   The Metamorphosis   Franz Kafka
784   The Mirror of the Sea   Joseph Conrad
785   The Moonstone   Wilkie Collins
786   The Moon-Voyage   Jules Verne
787   The Mysterious Affair at Styles   Agatha Christie
788   The Mysterious Island   Jules Verne
789   The Mysterious Key and What it Opened   Louisa May Alcott
790   The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories   Mark Twain
791   The Mystery of Edwin Drood   Charles Dickens
792   The Narrative of the Life An American Slave   Frederick Douglass
793   The New Freedom   Woodrow Wilson
794   The Night-Born   Jack London
795   The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci   Leonardo Da Vinci
796   The Notting Hill Mystery   Charles Felix
797   The Odyssey   Homer
798   The Old Curiosity Shop   Charles Dickens
799   The Outline of Science   J. Arthur Thomson
800   The Parasite   Arthur Conan Doyle


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