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301   Howards End   E. M. Forster
302   I Grant You Ample Leave   George Eliot
303   Idle Ideas in 1905   Jerome K. Jerome
304   Imression of Theophrastus Such   George Eliot
305   In a London Drawingroom   George Eliot
306   In a Mountain Defile   Maksim Gorky
307   In the Days of the Comet   H. G. Wells
308   In the Shadow of the Glen   J M Synge
309   In the ypres salient   Beckles Willson
310   India and the Indians   Edward Fenton Elwin
311   India Life and Thought   John P. Jones
312   India: What can it teach us?   F. Max Müller
313   Indian Tales   Rudyard Kipling
314   Indian Unrest   Sir Valentine Chirol
315   India's Love Lyrics   Laurence Hope
316   Instigations   Ezra Pound
317   Ion   Plato
318   It Never Can Happen Again   William De Morgan
319   Ivanhoe   Walter Scott
320   Jacob's Room   Virginia Woolf
321   James Boswell   W. Keith Leask
322   Jane Eyre - An autobiography   Charlotte Bronte
323   Japanese Fairy Tales   Yei Theodora Ozaki
324   Jesus the Christ   James Edward Talmage
325   Jimmy's Cruisa In The Pinafore   Louisa May Alcott
326   John Milton Biography   John Milton
327   Julius Caesar   William Shakespeare
328   Jungle Folk   Douglas Dewar
329   Just So Stories   Rudyard Kipling
330   Justice   John Galsworthy
331   Kalinin   Maksim Gorky
332   Keats   John Keats
333   Kidnapped   Robert Louis Stevenson
334   Kim   Rudyard Kipling
335   King Henry IV Part I   William Shakespeare
336   King Henry IV Part II   William Shakespeare
337   King Henry V   William Shakespeare
338   King Henry VI Part I   William Shakespeare
339   King Henry VI Part II   William Shakespeare
340   King Henry VI Part III   William Shakespeare
341   King Henry VIII   William Shakespeare
342   King John   William Shakespeare
343   King Lear   William Shakespeare
344   King Richard II   William Shakespeare
345   King Richard III   William Shakespeare
346   King Solomon's Mines   H. Rider Haggard
347   Laches   Plato
348   Lady Audley's Secret   M. E. Braddon
349   Lady Chatterly's Lover   D H Lawrence
350   Lady Susan   Jane Austen
351   Lamia   John Keats
352   Latin for Beginners   Benjamin Leonard D'Ooge
353   Leaves of Grass   Walt Whitman
354   Lectures on Shakespeare   Various
355   Les Miserables   Victor Hugo
356   Lesley Castle - Jane Austen   Jane Austen
357   Lesser Hippias   Plato
358   Letters From The Earth   Mark Twain
359   Leviathan   Thomas Hobbes
360   Life of Dumas   Alexandre Dumas
361   Alexandre Dumas   William Stearns Davis
362   Life On The Mississippi   Mark Twain
363   Literary work 1   Edgar Allan Poe
364   Literary work 2   Edgar Allan Poe
365   Literary work 3   Edgar Allan Poe
366   Literary work 4   Edgar Allan Poe
367   Little Black Sambo   Helen Bannerman
368   Little Brother   Cory Doctorow
369   Little Button-Rose   Louisa May Alcott
370   Little Dorrit   Charles Dickens
371   Little Gulliver   Louisa May Alcott
372   Little Women   Louisa May Alcott
373   Liza of Lambeth   Somerset Maugham
374   Lombard Street: a description of the money marke   Walter Bagehot
375   Lord Arthur Savile's Crime   Oscar Wilde
376   Lord Jim   Joseph Conrad
377   Love and friendship - Jane Austen   Jane Austen
378   Love's Comedy   Henrik Ibsen
379   Love's Labour's Lost   William Shakespeare
380   Lunch   Louisa May Alcott
381   Lysis   Plato
382   Lysistrata   Aristophanes
383   MacBeth   William Shakespeare
384   Madam Cluck   Louisa May Alcott
385   Madame Bovary   Gustav Flaubert
386   Magic and Religion   Andrew Lang
387   Make or Break or – The rich Man’s Daughter   Oliver Optic
388   Malva   Maksim Gorky
389   Malvina of Brittany   Jerome K. Jerome
390   Man and Superman   George Bernard Shaw
391   Man and Wife   Wilkie Collins
392   Mandgor Park   Jane Austen
393   Mansfield Park   Jane Austen
394   Marjorie's Three Gifts   Louisa May Alcott
395   Martin Chuzzlewit   Charles Dickens
396   Massacre at Paris   Christopher Marlowe
397   Master and Man   Leo Tolstoy
398   Master of the World   Jules Verne
399   Maupassant Original Short Stories Author   Guy de Maupassant
400   May Flowers   Louisa May Alcott


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