1000 Worlds Best Books

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101   Anecdotes of Animals   Unknown
102   Animal farm   George Orwell
103   Ann Veronica DescribedS   H. G. Wells
104   Anna-Karenina   Leo Tolstoy
105   Anne of Green Gables   Lucy Maud Montgomery
106   Anne Of The Island   Lucy M Montgomery
107   Anne's House of Dreams   Lucy M Montgomery
108   Answers to Prayer   George Müller
109   Anthem   Ayn Rand
110   Antony and Cleopatra   William Shakespeare
111   Apology   Plato
112   Archery Rules   Charles F. A. Hinrichs
113   Arms and the Man   George Bernard Shaw
114   Around-the-World-in-80-Days   Jules Verne
115   Art in Needlework   Buckle and Day
116   As You Like It   William Shakespeare
117   Astounding Stories of Super   Various
118   At the Rainbow   Jack London
119   Augustus Does His Bit   George Bernard Shaw
120   Aunt Kipp   Louisa May Alcott
121   Autobiography of a YOGI   Paramhansa Yogananda
122   Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin   Frank Woodworth Pine
123   Autobiography of Mark Twain   Mark Twain
124   Back windows   Louisa May Alcott
125   Batard   Jack London
126   Battle of Books   Jonathan Swift
127   Beeton's Book of Needlework   Isabella Beeton
128   Best Russian Short Stories   Various
129   Beyond   John Galsworthy
130   Beyond Good and Evil   Friedrich Nietzsche
131   Beyond the Door   Philip K. Dick
132   Bidwell's Travels, from Wall Street to London Priso   Austin Bidwell
133   Billy Budd   Herman Melville
134   Biographia Literaria   Samuel Taylor Coleridge
135   Black Beauty   Anna Sewell
136   Bleak House   Charles Dickens
137   Boy Scouts Handbook   Boy Scouts of America
138   Boyhood   Leo Tolstoy
139   Brave New World   Aldous Huxley
140   Brother and Sister   George Eliot
141   Brother Jacob   George Eliot
142   Brown Wolf   Jack London
143   Bunches of Knuckles   Jack London
144   Bushido, the Soul of Japan   Inazo Nitobé
145   Buzz   Louisa May Alcott
146   Caesar and Cleopatra   George Bernard Shaw
147   Candida   George Bernard Shaw
148   Candide   Voltaire
149   Captain Burle   Emile Zola
150   Captains Courageous   Rudyard Kipling
151   Captivity and Restoration   Mary Rowlandson
152   Carmilla   J. Sheridan LeFanu
153   Chance   Joseph Conrad
154   Charley's Coup   Jack London
155   Charmides   Plato
156   Chelkash   Maksim Gorky
157   Childhood   Leo Tolstoy
158   Child's Story of the Bible   Mary A. Lathbury
159   China and Pottery Marks   Unknown
160   Chun Ah Chun   Jack London
161   Clams, a Ghost Story   Louisa May Alcott
162   Cockyloo   Louisa May Alcott
163   Collection of Letters   Jane Austen
164   College Teaching   Paul Klapper
165   Comedy of Errors   William Shakespeare
166   Comic Arithmetic   Anonymous
167   Common Sense   Thomas Paine
168   Complete Work of Shelley - 1   Shelley
169   Complete Work of Shelley - 2   Shelley
170   Coriolanus   William Shakespeare
171   Count That Day Lost   George Eliot
172   Created He Them   Jack London
173   Creative Imagination   Ribot
174   Creatures that Once Were Men   Maksim Gorky
175   Crime and Punishment   Fyodor Dostoevsky
176   Critias   Plato
177   Crito   Plato
178   Crome Yellow   Aldous Huxley
179   Cymbeline   William Shakespeare
180   Daddy   Jean Webster
181   Daily Thoughts   Charles Kingsley
182   Dandelion   Louisa May Alcott
183   Daughters of the Vicar - Story   D H Lawrence
184   David Copperfield   Charles Dickens
185   Debby's Debut   Louisa May Alcott
186   Deep Waters   W W Jacobs
187   Demetrios Contos   Jack London
188   Democracy and Education   John Dewey
189   Democracy In America   Alexis de Toqueville
190   Denslow's Three Bears   W. W. Denslow
191   Diary of a Pilgrimage   Jerome K. Jerome
192   Dickory Cronke   Daniel Defoe
193   Dictionary in the Vulgar Tongue   Francis Grose
194   Don Juan   Lord Byron
195   Don Quixote   Miguel de Cervantes
196   Down and Out in Pari s-and-London   George Orwell
197   Dr Faustus 1616   Christopher Marlowe
198   Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde   Robert Louis Stevenson
199   Dracula   Bram Stoker
200   Dracula's Guest   Bram Stoker


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