1000 Worlds Best Books

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1   1492   Mary Johnston
2   1984   George Orwell
3   1000 Mythological Characters Briefly DescribedS   Edward S. Ellis
4   1001 Q and A on Orthography and Reading   B. A. Hathaway
5   13 Days - An Escape from a German Prison   John Alan Lyde Caunter
6   20,000 Leagues Under the Sea   Jules Verne
7   A Bit O' Love   John Galsworthy
8   A Book of Arms   Edward Tennyson Reed
9   A Bright Idea   Louisa May Alcott
10   A Child's History of England   Charles Dickens
11   A Christmas Carol   Charles Dickens
12   A Christmas Dream   Louisa May Alcott
13   A Classification of Books of a Library   Melvil Dewey
14   A Confession   Leo Tolstoy
15   A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur   Mark Twain
16   A Curious Call   Louisa May Alcott
17   A Curious Fragment   Jack London
18   A Daughter of the Aurora   Jack London
19   A Day's Lodging   Jack London
20  A Doll's House   Henrik Ibsen
21  A Family Man   John Galsworthy
22   A Fragment of Stained Glass   D H Lawrence
23   A Glance at the Twentieth Century   Henry Hartshorne
24   A Guide to Health   Henry Hartshorne
25   A Handbook of Pictorial History   Henry W. Donald
26   A History of Sanskrit Literature   Arthur A. MacDonell
27   A Hole In The Wall   Louisa May Alcott
28   A Journal of the First Voyage of Vasco da Gama   Unknown
29   A Journey to the Center of the Earth   Jules Verne
30   A Library Primer   John Cotton Dana
31   A Little Princess   Frances Hodgson Burnett
32   A Love Story   A Bushman
33   A Lover's Complaint   William Shakespeare
34   A Lover's Diary   Gilbert Parker
35   A Manual of Managing Bees   John Moseley Weeks
36   A Message From the Sea   Charles Dickens
37   A Midsummer Night's Dream   William Shakespeare
38   A Modern Utopia   H. G. Wells
39   A Modest Proposal   Jonathan Swift
40   A Portait of A Young Man As an Artist   James Joyce
41   A princess of Mars   Edgar Rice Burroughs
42   A Room With A View   E. M. Forster
43   A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature   John W Cousin
44   A Short History of EBooks   Marie Lebert
45   A Short History of the World   H. G. Wells
46   A Sick Collier   D H Lawrence
47   A Silent Wooing   John Galsworthy
48   A Simple Soul   Gustav Flaubert
49   A Story of Wall-street   Herman Melville
50   A Strange Island   Louisa May Alcott
51   A study in scarlet   Arther Conan Doyle
52   A Study of Recent Earthquakes   Charles Davison
53   A Tale of a Tub   Jonathan Swift
54   A Tale of Two Cities   Charles Dickens
55   A Tramp Abroad   Mark Twain
56   A Treatise of Human Nature   David Hume
57   A Voyage in a Balloon   Jules Verne
58   A Woman   Maksim Gorky
59   A Woman of No Importance   Oscar Wilde
60   A Young Girl's Diary   Anonymous
61   Aaron's Rod   D H Lawrence
62   Across India   Oliver Optic
63   Adam Bede   George Eliot
64   Adventures of Huckleberry Finn   Mark Twain
65   Aesops Fables   Aesop
66   After Apple-Picking   Roberst Frost
67   Agnes Grey   Anne Bronte
68   Aircraft and Submarines   Willis J. Abbot
69   Alcibiades I   Plato
70   Alexander the Great   Jacob Abbott
71   Ali Pacha   Alexandre Dumas
72   Alice, or the Mysteries Book 1   Lytton
73   Alice, or the Mysteries Book 2   Lytton
74   Alice, or the Mysteries Book 3   Lytton
75   Alice, or the Mysteries Book 4   Lytton
76   Alices Adventures in Wonderland   Lewos Carp
77   All Gold Canyon   Jack London
78   All Roads Lead to Calvary   Jerome K. Jerome
79   All's Well That Ends Well   William Shakespeare
80   Aloha Oe   Jack London
81   Alone   Marion Harlandn
82   Also Sprach Zarathustra   Friedrich W Nietzsche
83   Amateur Night   Jack London
84   Amusements in Mathematics   Henry Ernest Dudeney
85   Amy Foster   Joseph Conrad
86   An Analysis of the Lever Escapement   Playtner
87   An Enemy of the People   Henrik Ibsen
88   An Essay on Slavery and Abolitionism   Catharine E. Beecher
89   An Ideal Husband - Drama   Oscar Wilde
90   An Inquiry into the Wealth of Nations   Adam Smith
91   An Ivy Spray and Ladies   Louisa May Alcott
92   An Occurrence at Owl Creek   Ambrose Bierce
93   An Old-Fashion Thanksgiving   Louisa May Alcott
94   An Outcast of the Islands   Joseph Conrad
95   An Unsinkable Titanic   John Bernard Walker
96   Analytical Studies   Honoré de Balzac
97   Analyzing Character   Blackford and Newcomb
98   Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe   John Hewitt
99   Andersens Fairy Tales   H C Andersen
100   Anecdotes & Incidents of the Deaf and Dumb   W R Roe


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